Agriculture Moving Towards The Revolution Through Advance Technology Agriculture Drone Revolutionizing The Future Of Agriculture
Published On: February 2019 | Category: Technology

Drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) is the new advanced technology becoming one of the trending factors in today’s lifestyle. It is demand is continuously increasing due to its numerous applications like photography, communication, surveillance, monitoring, area mapping, mining, construction among others. This advanced technology now taking agriculture towards the revolutionization. The main motive of this technology is to raise crop production and monitor crop growth. Increasing population globally coupled with growing awareness about precision farming are the key driving factors behind the growth or demand of agriculture drone. In addition, initiatives taken by the government to support the technology adoption and agriculture sector helps to grow the agriculture drone market at a fast pace. For instance, recently on 25th Feb, Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg had a personal look at Rantizo, an Iowa City-based drone company, that is approaching pesticides from the drones. The company is focusing on developing and testing drones equipped with cameras and pesticide applicators that will overcome the traditional ground spraying limitations. The Indian government has also taken the initiatives through a collaborative research project involving a practice of drone technology in the farming sector named as “SENSAGRI: Sensor-based Smart Agriculture”.

eBee SQ, SenseFly, AgDrone, Honeycomb, Lancaster 5, PrecisionHawk, AGCO Solo, and UX5, Trimble are different types of drones available in the market currently. Now farmers are incorporating drones into their farming and appreciating the power of this technology while generating higher revenue and a lower environmental impact.

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