Increasing Air Traveling Coupled With Need For Cost Effective Pilot Training Is Anticipated To Surge The Demand Of Flight Simulators
Published On: February 2019 | Category: Automotive

Flight simulation is one of the best examples of virtual reality that allows a pilot to hands-on practice of flying the flights in a more safe and secure way. The actual aircraft or flight flying cost is very high, which increases the demand for flight simulation.

There are many causes which increase the demand for flight simulation. Increasing air traveling is one of the important reasons among others. Due to the factors such as low airfares, higher living standards, and an expected recovery in the world GDP, air traveling is expected to double over the next two decades. Globalization is another key factor driving the demand for air travel that simultaneously increases the growth of flight simulation. Thus, with constantly increasing pilot training needs, the market would continue exhibiting promising growth over the forecast period. Some flight simulator manufacturers are focusing more on R&D activities to develop cost-effective and reliable solution. For instance, recently in Oct. 2018, VR Aviation company FlyInside Inc. releases next generation Flight Simulator. In Feb. 2019, Nova Systems has declared its new Introduction to Flight Simulator Evaluation, Qualification, and Governance course, filling a key gap in the flight simulator training market.

The flight simulator evaluation, qualification, government initiatives and need for cost-effective pilot training program all around the world is expected to drive the flight simulator market.

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