Technological advancement and uptake of IT in medical sector to boost the digital healthcare industry
Published On: March 2019 | Category: Healthcare

Internet and mobile phones had made revolutionary changes in a day todays life. Now this revolutionary success of the internet and mobile usage is ready to serve in the healthcare sector. Today information technology is used in a wide range of fields and healthcare is one of the upcoming fields going to show the tremendous growth in the coming years. The increasing use of smartphones and tablet, increasing demand for remote patient monitoring services, innovative and advanced applications of mHealth technologies are the factors driving the growth of the digital healthcare industry. Digital healthcare involves both hardware and software solutions and services, telemedicine, web-based analysis, email, mobile phones, wearable devices, and monitoring devices. Wearable devices are a well-known and existing example of digital healthcare. This wearable technology is a smart electronic device that tracks and control body activities. This technology has already accepted by developed and developing countries. Remote patient monitoring, e-ICU, telemedicine is the developing and necessary technology growing popular in both patients and healthcare professionals. As compared to developed countries the awareness and acceptance of these devices are very poor in developing countries. Perhaps of this, the rising need for digitalization, technological advancement, and government initiatives is offering a strong growth opportunity for digital healthcare market for the estimated period. For instance, recently, EY has declared the launch of the report Life Sciences 4.0: transforming health care in India at BioAsia 2019, Hyderabad. The report highlights how technology is disrupting the health care ecosystem in India in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). Ayushman Bharat is another initiative taken by the Indian government for better access, improved quality and affordable health care to the citizens of India. This indicates that, developed as well as developing countries are majorly focusing on digitalization in the healthcare sector.

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